Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Birthday boy!

Happy birthday Oliver! Today is his 12th birthday! I know, I know, last year I had a party for him with a carrot cake and everything, but this year was just too crazy with us having to be out of the house with the floors getting redone, and Gary in Israel and all... But I did stop by today and gave him and his buddies some snacks. I would have made him wear a party hat for the occasion, but I learned from past experiences that he's not a fan of costumes.

When I arrived at the barn, Chris had left this nice sign for all to read.
Here's Pilot, his BFF.

And here's Katie, the little pony. Note how Oliver's ears are pinned back in a nasty, squirrley face as I was handing out the apples and carrots. I know he was thinking he shouldn't have to share on his special day.
Happy birthday, Tootsie!