Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp Fortier

While we were away in Colorado, the doggies spent the week at Camp Fortier (thank you, Karen!) Karen and Jessie were nice enough to take Tankee to the beach on a blisteringly hot day. I think it was his first time ever.

I don't know what to say about this next photo. Creepy teeth pretty much sums it up!

And of course after a day at the beach it was time for a bath with Uncle Charlie. Doesn't he look happy?!

Riot spent the week on the couch. He didn't move. Oh surprise!

Monday, July 30, 2007

What's up, Doc?!

I don't know about you, but how can you resist a trained bull who allows a saddle, a rider, AND a truck sprouting flames? Just one of the rodeo highlights, Doc Holiday is actually a Brahma Bull, and quite the impressive beast. I love his droopy self.(Much more so than that scary "just regular" bull that tried to attack me thru the fence!)

It looks like a shed....

...but it was really a stop-over shelter for people heading thru Colorado on the stagecoach. Not much of a home, but something about it caught my attention... Maybe the fact that I would have to bend in half to get through the front door...? Regardless, it was a neat little discovery along the way.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Amazing. The entire trip was completely amazing. From rides in the meadows to crazy, white-knuckle heights, the trip was more than we could have hoped for. Below is the barn and horsie area. They have 23 horses and we pretty much got to choose a different horse each day. I still miss my Cadillac (pictured above.)

This is BB (short for Black Beauty) -- he was a rock hopper - bounds right up the mountains!

There were definitely times when I didn't like to look over the edge to see what was below. As you can see, it was a pretty big drop.

We rode every day, for upwards of 5 hours each day. The last day we got to go to the rodeo in Steamboat Springs. I almost got taken out by this nasty bull when I was trying to take a photo. Here, I keep my distance.

I'll post a link to the photo album once I go through them all. It's hard to take photos while riding, so be prepared for lots of photos of horses' butts!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Too much information...

All I wanted was a bottle of apple juice... So i go to the register at my local gas station/Dunkin' and go to purchase my juice. It's a normal transaction until the clerk burps onto the back of his hand. He stands there, pauses, thinks, swallows. And says, "Oh. Wow. Breakfast burp. Yummy." And then finishes making my change. You know what, mister? Not so yummy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Life in the Slow Lane...

If you haven't heard of The Horselogger, check out this site: http://www.leehorselogger.com/index.html

Basically he is driving his 2 drafthorses (and 2 dogs) in a covered wagon from Montanta to Boston, and is hoping to make it here by Monday. He left in AUGUST 2006. Recently diagnosed with cancer, he made it his mission to reconnect with a childhood sweetheart. He started out with only $75 and two weeks' worth of food; he doesn't ask for help, but so many people have offered it up along the way thanks to his website and the media that's been tracking his journey. Lee's trip is nearly complete, but if you have a minute, check it out -- it's a sweet story.

Food Fest

What's a visit from Kendall without a trip to Bamboo?! Kendall and Gary spent the meal talking about outdoor gear and computer networking; I spent my time devouring the edamame and spider roll.

Next stop: Kimballs. As if we weren't full enough. But it's just so close... and it's always good to walk around after a meal... and it's nice to support local businesses...

Kimballs is a prime people-watching venue. And goat and rooster watching. And people-trying-to-pet-the-rooster-watching. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of that. But I did take a photo of Kendall.

And to that rotten lady who yelled at me for supposedly cutting her in line at Bamboo -- $#%# off!

Up down... up down... up down...!

After much anticipation, the garage door has arrived, complete with a whisper-quiet opener. I think I used my remote about 40 times this morning... just to watch. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Miss Freelance

With all the freelance work that's kept me busy over the past few months, it's nice to actually have something to show for it. This sell sheet (tri-fold, double-sided, but flattened out and scanned for your viewing pleasure) was produced for Chorion via Big Blue Dot for the Mr Men/Little Miss properties. I did all the words. And I'm especially proud of my headlines in the first two images. (If you care to read the smaller pages, just click to view.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Farmer in the dell....

OK, maybe there's no farmer in the dell, but there's a bunch of farmers on Westford Common, and it's my new favorite place to go on Tuesday afternoons. With all the traditional beans and greens, there are also numerous samples to behold. My favorites, of course, are all the sweet jams and cookies. (I meant to take a photo of the delicious maple cookies, but I ate them.)

Inspired to hunt down other markets for an upcoming article for The Sun, I found this nifty site where you can type in your zip code and find all you want and more when it comes to farmers markets and organic goodness. Give it a whirl: http://www.localharvest.org/

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


A horse that rides in a convertible, answers the phone and gets beers out of the fridge?! Oh, Olly-Var, you have a lot of work to do!

PLEASE watch this -- it's hilarious!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fan Mail

I received my first piece of fan mail on The Sun site this weekend.... TERRIFIC TIPS: Just want to thank you for adding your newest daily (online) column, "Heather Help Us." It's a bright way to start my day. Ms. Hill really seems to enjoy and appreciate life. I am always looking for new ways to get the most out of each day, and her sunny attitude does that. Kudos to you for finding her and much gratitude for sharing her.
Peaks Island, Maine

Do I have to mention that I'm pretty sure I know the sender of this e-mail?! Regardless, it was a nice boost! Thanks, SG! :) www.lowellsun.com Go ahead... you know you wanna....!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Like a kid in a candy (sticker?!) store...

I used Oliver's depleted supply of fly spray as a good excuse to visit the tack shop. How can you not love this stuff?!

I am especially fond of the "Beastie Brush" in the bottom of the photo. Can't say I own a "Beastie Brush" but I think I want one. Just so I can say, "First we use the curry comb... then we use the BEASTIE BRUSH!"

Anyhow, with brushes in every color of the rainbow, and buckets shaped like hearts, I just love that place. Remember being 12 and finding a really good sticker store? You could spend hours deciding over Mrs. Grossmans, Boynton, and Sandylion? Yeah, that same feeling.

Comfy on the DIVAN

With the warm weather finally upon us, Riot makes himself comfortable on the outside "divan." (It's probably more of a loveseat, but I like to use the word DIVAN whenever possible. "Please have a seat in the parlor on the DIVAN." (It reminds me of my grandmother.)

Tankee of course had to muscle his way onto the DIVAN as well. My little tiger camouflaged in the jungle. Can you spy a sleepy bulldog??

Actually, just for the record, I looked up DIVAN in the dictionary: di·van1 /dɪˈvæn, -ˈvɑn or, esp. for 1, ˈdaɪvæn/ [di-van, -vahn or, esp. for 1, dahy-van] –noun 1. a sofa or couch, usually without arms or back, often usable as a bed. Now we know.

Friday, July 13, 2007

All work and no play?

Fat chance! Today's lunchtime adventure found the girls stepping back in time... With temps a-blazin', the plastic was a bit on the hot side, but we slid, scooped and swung nonetheless. Here, I investgigate whether the tube is large enough for an adult.

OK, yes it is! Look out below!

Mike Mulligan -- eat your heart out.

Having the time of her life? Or experiencing severe pain? You decide.

Brushing up on our history, we visited the village common. A little fact from the history buffs: Ashburnham was originally made up of the lands granted to officers and soldiers of a 1690 expedition to Canada. It was called the Plantation of Dorchester-Canada until it was incorporated in 1765.

Just a SHORT note....

... to say: Did you forget your shorts?

UGH! What a sight to behold at 6:30 am! Dena, my walking buddy, and I were minding our own business on the track, when this should appear. And what's worse is that he was running at a rapid pace and kept lapping us, forcing us to view the brevity of his outfit. While the iPhone doesn't do its best work while the photographer is shaking with laughter, you get the idea. NOT PRETTY! (Dena, this one is for you.)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Colorado Countdown

We've dug out the cowboy boots, bought new jeans, and are readying for our Colorado horseback riding trip. To view where we're going, visit: http://www.hmranch.com/horseback_riding.php (ok, so really I just want you all to click on that link and listen to the horsie noises) Anyhow, the trip looks amazing: Colorado Mountain Trail Ride We offer this unique 6-day trail ride to customers of Cross Country International. Each day explore by horseback the breathtaking high country of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. A complete 6-day itinerary includes transfers, lodging, meals, and riding with X-C International guests on fabulous trails. Western hospitality at its best! http://www.equestrianvacations.com/

Mister Ed (aka Oliver) wishes he could come. Doesn't he look like he's saying "Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" OK, maybe not.

What we do best...

...we rest!

Field Trip!

Who can resist lunch on the lake with a garden gnome?!

Or a pair of Leominster's finest?

Today, the office gang took lunch outside at Sara's new place. It was a treat to sun ourselves on the deck enjoy one of summer's first really nice days. Below, Suzi and Shelby delicately dip their toes in the water while Sarah plays lifeguard.

I, on the other hand, barged right in. (The skirt, however, was a bit of a hindrance.)

After my rigorous exercise, it was off to the outdoor shower.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to meet Poochie. Sooner or later he will manage to open the slider. Just needs a little more heft behind him....