Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Choc Star to the rescue!

The sing-song of the ice cream truck kinda creeps me out, but I have to say, if the Choc Star van rolled my way, I'd be high-tailing it to the middle of the street, blocking its way and forcing a stop, regardless of the traffic situation. I mean really -- a mobile chocolate van service? Sign me up. Offering up such delectables as hot spiced Venezuelan chocolate shots, soft and squidy chocolate chip cookies, and triple chocolate malted bliss milkshake, Choc Star could easily rival the iPhone when it comes to my personal list of favorite things.

Unfortunately for me (but lucky for the iPhone) Choc Star is only crusing around the streets of the UK, having yet made a debut stateside. But here's hoping. Then again, the company's web site does say the van is available for private hire: "Choc Star is available for hire to anyone looking for an injection of fun and quality chocolate fare at their party. If you e-mail us the date, time, numbers, location and type of menu sought, we will get back to you with an approximate quote. We will turn up with lights flashing, music pumping and shelves a-heaving." All I can say is someone needs to start this in Massachusetts. Like, this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

This is flipping brilliant! A true inspiration. I'm going to show it to the lady who owns the chocolate factory across the street (I know--don't hate me.).