Saturday, July 14, 2007

Comfy on the DIVAN

With the warm weather finally upon us, Riot makes himself comfortable on the outside "divan." (It's probably more of a loveseat, but I like to use the word DIVAN whenever possible. "Please have a seat in the parlor on the DIVAN." (It reminds me of my grandmother.)

Tankee of course had to muscle his way onto the DIVAN as well. My little tiger camouflaged in the jungle. Can you spy a sleepy bulldog??

Actually, just for the record, I looked up DIVAN in the dictionary: di·van1 /dɪˈvæn, -ˈvɑn or, esp. for 1, ˈdaɪvæn/ [di-van, -vahn or, esp. for 1, dahy-van] –noun 1. a sofa or couch, usually without arms or back, often usable as a bed. Now we know.

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