Saturday, July 7, 2007

Seven Seven Oh Seven

They say today is supposed to be the luckiest day in 100 years. Or something like that. After a day filled with driving, yardwork and a foster puppy with a UTI, I'm not exactly feeling it. But if nothing else it was a day of accomplishment. We're talking 17 bags of mulch, a painted shed, and 2 wanna-be-christmas trees chopped down. (It was pretty funny to see how excited GG was to have an excuse to take out the chainsaw!!) Below is a picture of Daisy Duke, our latest foster. She's not quite 4 months old and spent the morning at the vet's office. As you can see, she got quite comfortable.

And yes, I took that picture on my iPhone. I LOVE MY IPHONE! Because none of my animals are immune to the powers of the iPhone, here's one I took of Olly-Var a few days ago. Like all our pets, he's rather food motivated.

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Lisa =^..^= said...

Oli-VAR! Is! So! cUUUTE! I think he's saying "Hello, Carrot!" :)