Sunday, July 8, 2007

Activity Day!

How did we get so active?!
We spent the morning with Oliver, giving GG some more
time in the saddle before our trip to Colorado. Hello cowboy!

And of course I can never resist trying to make
Oliver talk like Mister Ed.
What a good sport, my painted pony!

Next up, it was off to Lew's and some pool time
with Laura and Bosco. Sadly there are no photos of
Laura today (but I will get you soon!)
Anyhow, Gary wanted to spend some time practicing rolls
in his kayak. But not before strapping on the fancy helmet!
Below is the pro mid-roll.
(And yes, he did come back up to the surface!)

Then it was my turn. After I flopped over and did my first 'wet exit,'
I was free to paddle about the pool. I loved it. We'll see how things
go when (and if!) I hit moving water! Stay tuned!


Lisa =^..^= said...

Rolls look like fun! Where's your fancy helmet, young lady? Great pics--my fave is Oliver's Mr. Ed impersonation.

charline said...

I love your orse a wicked lot.... I so much want to get a kayak! Yay fun activities!! I miss you!