Thursday, July 12, 2007

Colorado Countdown

We've dug out the cowboy boots, bought new jeans, and are readying for our Colorado horseback riding trip. To view where we're going, visit: (ok, so really I just want you all to click on that link and listen to the horsie noises) Anyhow, the trip looks amazing: Colorado Mountain Trail Ride We offer this unique 6-day trail ride to customers of Cross Country International. Each day explore by horseback the breathtaking high country of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. A complete 6-day itinerary includes transfers, lodging, meals, and riding with X-C International guests on fabulous trails. Western hospitality at its best!

Mister Ed (aka Oliver) wishes he could come. Doesn't he look like he's saying "Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" OK, maybe not.

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