Friday, July 13, 2007

All work and no play?

Fat chance! Today's lunchtime adventure found the girls stepping back in time... With temps a-blazin', the plastic was a bit on the hot side, but we slid, scooped and swung nonetheless. Here, I investgigate whether the tube is large enough for an adult.

OK, yes it is! Look out below!

Mike Mulligan -- eat your heart out.

Having the time of her life? Or experiencing severe pain? You decide.

Brushing up on our history, we visited the village common. A little fact from the history buffs: Ashburnham was originally made up of the lands granted to officers and soldiers of a 1690 expedition to Canada. It was called the Plantation of Dorchester-Canada until it was incorporated in 1765.


Dena said...

Ok so let me get this straight... Your day consisted of... going for a walk, writing a blog, playing on the playground, taking a nap and then writing another blog.. I think I want you job!

Charline said...

I feel partially responsible for your blog addiction...and sort of ashamed of how often I check your blog...but we can push the blame over to my friend Allison, who encouraged me to start one, who inspired you to start one....oh boy.

charline said...

I am on your blog AGAIN...and possibly in your might have to get the restraining order ready....HELP!!